Health and welfare of dogs at dog shows

Please note that the welfare and health of dogs is always a priority at dog shows, and the exhibitor is responsible for the welfare of his or her dog.

A dog show in an indoor hall with lots of other dogs can be a stressful place for your dog, especially if your dog is at a dog show for the very first time. Whether your dog is a first-timer or a more experienced show dog, always remember to take good care of your dog during the show!

The day at the dog show runs smoothly when your dog is used to other dogs and crowds of people, and when you have trained with your dog on what is expected of him in the ring and how the judge will examine your dog during judging.

If your dog is shy or aggressive, you should seriously consider if a dog show is the right place for your dog. A bad show experience can make your dog even more shy or aggressive. An aggressive dog can even constitute a danger for other dogs and people at the show.

Dog Welfare Counsellors guide exhibitors on how to take the dog’s well-being into consideration

Dog Welfare Counsellors go round the halls at Dog Fair Finland to observe how exhibitors take care of their dogs’ well-being at the event. Dog Welfare Counsellors are Kennel Counsellors trained by the Finnish Kennel Club. They advise and guide exhibitors, and, if necessary, also intervene in situations where the dog’s welfare is at risk. They can award Canine Companionship rosettes when they meet exhibitors whose dogs seem to have had a fun, stress-free day at the show. 

Attempting to influence a dog’s performance artificically at the show is forbidden

Attempting to influence a dog’s performance by using any chemical substances, drugs or treatments is forbidden. For instance, dyeing a dog’s fur, skin and nose as well as treating the fur with chemical substances that affect the quality of hair or the shape of the fur is prohibited. An exhibitor committing a violation of these rules will be excluded from the show.

Check below for tips for a successful show day with your dog!

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