About Cookies

The website Koiramessut.fi uses cookies to allocate marketing and advertisements as well as to track and analyse viewer statistics. The website sends a cookie – a small text file – to the browser. The cookie is then saved on the computer’s hard drive. Both temporary session cookies and persistent cookies are used. Temporary session cookies are closed when you close your browser, persistent cookies are saved on the computer’s hard drive. 

Cookies help us track the viewer traffic on the website. Based on this anonymised data, social media marketing can be allocated to visitors of the site. 

This website uses Facebook Pixel, which collects anonymous traffic data that can be utilised for reallocation of marketing. Facebook Pixel is a tracking tool meant for analytics. It can help measure, among other things, marketing effectiveness. By using pixel data, we can ensure that ads are shown to the right people. The data can also be used to create more extensive target groups. Website visitors create an anonymous mass that only gives a number on the coverage of potential visitors. The data cannot be used to identify individual people. You can choose in the settings of your browser if you wish to accept the use of cookies. Please note that by prohibiting the use of cookies in your browser, websites do necessarily not work as they should