Breed Plaza

Welcome to the Breed Plaza to learn about different breeds!

At Dog Fair Finland, you can visit the Breed Plaza where breed clubs present their breeds and life with them.

Dog Fair Finland offers a lot to see and experience for everyone interested in dogs! The Breed Plaza offers information especially for those who plan on getting a dog. At the Breed Plaza, you can meet breeders, breed enthusiasts, and, most importantly, our four-legged friends!

At the Breed Plaza, you can also find the Finnish Kennel Club’s Hau Life! stand where you can get tips on how to have a good life with your dog. In connection with the stand there is also a scene, where breed clubs are giving short presentations of their breeds. The presentations are held in Finnish.

In 2023, over 40 different breed clubs attended the Breed Plaza. The Breed Plaza was carried out in cooperation with Royal Canin and pet insurance company Agria Eläinvakuutus.

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