Messukeskus Helsinki 16–17 Dec 2023

Finland's biggest dog event

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Ertl Elisabeth


My name is Elisabeth Ertl and I am living in the south of Austria.

I grew up as the daughter of a German Shepherd dogs breeder and also with their breeding, training, showing and raising dogs. It didn't take long to find my own breed in the 90s: the Border Collie. Beverly was my foundation bitch of the "Of Green Borderline" affix. After some years I found my love for the British lines and was very warmly welcomed in Great Britain, where I learned a lot about this breed and how to go over a dog.

Since 2015 I am an FCI judge for the eight breeds of British herding dogs and have since been able to judge our breeds in 8 different countries.

Since 2001 I have also been professionally committed to dogs, because I have been a police service dog handler ever since. I am handling Malinois and found my love for the Belgian Shepherd dogs. Now I have also started my work as a judge with the Belgian Shepherd Dogs and I finished for Groenendael and Tervueren.

I have very little time for breeding at the moment, as I am mother of two little children and my job is very challenging.

But I love judging dogs. I try to understand each breed as it was meant in the origin. I have always worked with my dogs in a wide variety of disciplines, so a functional anatomy is essential to help keep our pedigree dogs healthy and keep breed type. An excellent example of a breed must be able to meet the requirements of a breed and their purpose.

It is a big honor to being invited and I am very much looking forward to judge on this prestigious show.

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