Sanna Kavén


Dogs have been part of my life since childhood. Since 2003 I have been breeding English Springer Spaniels and I have also owned English Setters and Wire-haired German Pointers. I have bred about 40 champions and dogs bred by me have achieved success in the main Spcialty Show of the breed. Besides dog shows I am interested in tracking tests of hunting breeds. I am a show judge since 2015 and I am qualified to judge all breeds in FCI groups 7 and 8 and some breeds in groups 5 and 6 and I judge also Junior Handler competitions. Besides Finland I have been judging for example in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I live on countryside out of Turku city with my son and my housemate and have four Springers in the house. I am working on information technology on different positions, at the moment as a consultant on national services. I am also actively working in the breed club, at the moment as a Chairman and as trainer for new judges. I am also representative of our club in the Council of the Finnish Kennel Club.