Messukeskus Helsinki 16–17 Dec 2023

Finland's biggest dog event

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Norrbottenspitz Best in Show at Voittaja 2019

About 15,000 dogs in total took part in the dog shows and other fair programme over the weekend. The cooperation between man and dog was highlighted in the programme, for instance with different presentations and lectures of government working dogs and assistance dogs. Government Working Dogs of the Year as well as Hero Dogs were awarded at the fair.

- The fair weekend was once again a success. Many thanks to all who have participated in our event and helped us to provide a successful fair experience for our visitors, says Markku Mähönen, Executive Director of the Finnish Kennel Club.

Hundreds of volunteers representing different dog clubs helped with the building of and other arrangements at Dog Fair Finland.

The programme of Dog Fair Finland culminated in the final competitions of the dog show at the Arena of Messukeskus. Before the final competitions of Voittaja dog show, the audience got to enjoy Ekku Peltomäki’s festive light art show Finlandia. Juha Palosaari and Virpi Pesonen hosted the final competitions.

Dogs of the Year were awarded

In connection with the dog show, the Dog of the Year, the Breeder of the Year, and the Veteran of the Year were awarded at the Arena. Dog of the Year 2019 is Spanish Water Dog male Aquacrest Magic Mike, bred by Päivi Uurtola-Kahri and owned by her as well as Katariina Kahri and Noora Haapanen. The Breeder of the Year 2019 was Taina and Ari Friman’s kennel Peikkovuoren with Finnish Lapphunds. Veteran of the Year 2019 was the Smooth Collie bitch Timonan Veronica Velvet, breeder and owner Tuula Tikkanen.

The Finnish Champion 2019 in Junior Handling is Claudia Rönhovde. The competition was judged by Nan Salminen, Finland.

Dog show year culminated in the Finnish Winner show

Best in Show Breeders group at Voittaja 2019 was a group of Keeshonds from Petri Turunen’s kennel Eerondaali. The judge was Kari Järvinen. Best in Show Veteran was Valentina Popova’s Scottish Terrier bitch Filisite Brash Koh-I-Noor, judge Markku Kipinä.

Best in Show at Voittaja Puppy Show was Valentina Popova’s Scottish Terrier bitch Filisite Brash Keep Me Tight. The same dog also won the final competition of Royal Canin Puppy Cup, judged by Maija Lehtonen. The Best in Show Breeders’ group at the puppy show was a group of Spinone Italianos from Satu Suutari’s kennel Wanhanpirtin. Judge was Rune Fagerström.

Nearly 340 different breeds in the rings

6,516 dogs took part in the Voittaja 2019 dog show, and 890 puppies in the last puppy show of the Royal Canin Puppy Cup series, Voittaja Puppy Show. Almost 344 dogs of different breeds were seen in the rings. The top breeds were the Finnish Lapphund (104), Labrador Retriever (99), Golden Retriever (96), as well as Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dalmatian, French Bulldog, and Shetland Sheepdogs (81 each).

855 foreign exhibitors from 21 different countries came to the show. Most dogs came from Russia (314), Sweden (292), and Estonia (122). The longest journeys were made by exhibitors from Brazil, Japan, and the USA.

More than 100 judges from 23 different judges officiated in the show. The longest trip was made by the judge from Argentina.

Complete results from the weekend can be found here



Voittaja 2019 -näyttelyn Best in Show pohjanpystykorvanarttu Washaway Pink Bollinger
Best in Show at the Finnish Winner show Voittaja 2019 was the Norrbottenspitz bitch Washaway Pink Bollinger. Best in Show judge was Irina Poletaeva. The dog was awarded by Chairman of the Winner Show Committee Kari Järvinen, the Finnish Kennel Club’s Honorary Member Angela Cavill, Royal Canin Finland Oy:s Pro Sales and Marketing Manager Riitta Niemelä, and Country Manager for Agria Eläinvakuutus Anna Linder. Photo DogXpress/Heidi Örling.
Voittaja Puppy Show 2019 BIS Filisite Brash Keep Me Tight
Kirsi Tevalin judged Best in Show at Voittaja Puppy Show. BIS Puppy was the Scottish Terrier Filisite Brash Keep Me Tight, owner Valentina Popova. Photo DogXpress/Petri Örling
BIS-veteraani Voittaja 2019 Filisite Brash Koh-I-Noor
Best in Show Veteran at Voittaja 2019 was Filisite Brash Koh-I-Noor, owner Valentina Popova. The judge was Markku Kipinä. Photo: DogXpress/Heidi Örling
BIS-kasvattaja Voittaja 2019 kennel Eerondaali
Best in Show Breeders’ group was the Keeshond group from kennel Eerondaali, judge was Kari Järvinen. Photo: DogXpress/Heidi Örling
BIS-kasvattaja Voittaj Puppy Show 2019 kennel Wanhanpirtin
Best in Show Breeders’ group at Voittaja Puppy Show was a group of Spinone Italianos from Satu Suutari’s kennel Wanhanpirtin, judge Rune Fagerström. Photo: DogXpress/Petri Örling
Junior handler -suomenmestari 2019 Claudia Rönhovde
Claudia Rönhovde is the Finnish Champion 2019 in Junior Handling. The competition was judged by Nan Salminen. Photo: DogXpress/Petri Örling
Vuoden näyttelykoira 2019 Aquacrest Magic Mike
The Show Dog of the Year (in the photo), the Veteran of the Year, and the Breeder of the Year were awarded at Voittaja dog show. Photo: Jukka Pätynen