Messukeskus Helsinki 16–17 Dec 2023

Finland's biggest dog event

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Löfman Tarja


I’m Tarja Löfman and I live in Nurmijärvi, Southern Finland. My own breed is the Bearded Collie, which I’ve had since 1985. I’ve bred 16 litters under prefix Lawnlake. We also have Bichon Havanais and Miniature American Shepherds. I became a dog show judge in 2010. At the moment, I’m qualified to judge all breeds from group 1, as well as some breeds from groups 5, 8, and 9.
I’ve mostly done dog shows with my own dogs, but other forms of dog sport have become familiar as well. I’m actively involved in activities of many dog clubs and as a trainer.
Winner shows have always been the highlight of the year both as an exhibitor and as a judge. I’m looking forward to this year’s show even more than usual since I get to judge the group competition for group 1.


Judges following breeds

Helsinki Winner 2023 - LA 16.12.

Bearded Collie
East-European Shepherd
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
Old English Sheepdog
Portuguese Sheepdog

Voittaja 2023 - SU 17.12.

Frisian Water Dog
German Spaniel
Polish Hunting Spaniel
Pražský Krysarík
Russian Spaniel
Spanish Waterdog