Royal Canin Puppy Cup

The Royal Canin Puppy Cup final is held on 10th December at Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland. The puppy show year culminates in the final competition that gathers winners from six unofficial puppy shows held during the year. The last two events, Helsinki Puppy Show and Voittaja Puppy Show, take place during the Dog Fair Finland weekend.

The final is held in Finland's biggest dog show ring in hall 1. The Best in Show dog for the Voittaja Winner 2017 dog show is chosen in the same ring on the very same day. Come and see how the puppies do in their own competition!

The puppies are judged in two classes at all Royal Canin Puppy Cup events. The classes are for puppies aged 5 to under 7 months and puppies aged 7 to under 9 months. The best puppy of the show - the BIS puppy - is chosen at every event, so the winner of the Royal Canin Puppy Cup series is chosen from six contestants.

Royal Canin Puppy Cup schedule
1st event 25.3 Jyväskylä
2nd event 26.3 Jyväskylä
3rd event 11.11 Helsinki
4th event 12.11 Helsinki
5th event 9.12 Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland, Helsinki
6th event 10.12 Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland, Helsinki
Finals 10.12 Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland, Helsinki