Messukeskus Helsinki 18–19 Dec 2021

Finland's biggest dog event

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Jokisilta Hannele

Hannele Jokisilta

I have been in dogs the whole of my life, our first dog (Irish Setter) came before I was born , when I was 10 yrs we got first Labrador Retriever and since then I ave been hooked with this breed. So in Labs for 49 yrs. In these judging years I have judged in 26 different countries. For the moment I can judge breeds the whole groups 2,4,5, 6, 7,8 and 10  and addition to these, many breeds from other groups.

Judges following breeds

Helsinki Winner 2021

* Basenji
* Greyhound
* Italian Greyhound

Voittaja 2021

* Blue Picardy Spaniel
* Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonic Barak
* Coarse-haired Istrian Hound
* Plott
* Posavski Gonic
* Small Münsterländer
* Spaniel de Pont-Audemer
* Spanish Waterdog
* Spinone Italiano
* Treeing Walker Coonhound

Voittaja Puppy Show 2021

* Estrela Mountain Dog, Long-haired
* German Pinscher
* Hovawart
* Leonberger
* Miniature Pinscher
* Pyrenean Mountain Dog
* Saint Bernard Dog, Long-haired
* Saint Bernard Dog, Short-haired
* Samoyed