Messukeskus Helsinki 16–17 Dec 2023

Finland's biggest dog event

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Eerola Tapio

Welcome to Finland's biggest dog event!


Eerola Tapio

Eerola Tapio

Tapio is the long-time Chief Editor of the Finnish Kennel Club’s membership magazine Koiramme. He breeds Hovawarts together with Kaija Eerola and Tiia Okkonen under prefix Hovarian. The Eerola’s have been awarded with the Finnish Kennel Club’s Vuolasvirta prize for merited breeding of Hovawarts; the first litter was born in 1987. They have also bred Cairn Terriers, Karelian Bear Dogs, and one Affenpinscher. Tapio is a Mental Test judge and has been the Chair of the Finnish Hovawart Club's Breeding Committee since the 80’s. He is also the Vice Chair of the International Hovawart Federation IHF. Tapio has written a book presenting all dog breeds in Finland, Suomen Koirarodut, and a book about Finnish breeds, Suomalaiset koirarodut. Tapio became a judge in 1993 and is an all-breed judge.

Judges following breeds

Helsinki Winner 2023 - LA 16.12.

Appenzell Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd
Entlebuch Cattle Dog
Great Swiss Cattle Dog

Voittaja 2023 - SU 17.12.

# Grossspitz (Giant Spitz), black and brown 4.12.2023
# Grossspitz (Giant Spitz), white 4.12.2023
# Kleinspitz (Miniature Spitz), other colours nartut 4.12.2023
# Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), white 4.12.2023
# Peruvian Hairless Dog Large 4.12.2023
# Peruvian Hairless Dog Medium-sized 4.12.2023
# Peruvian Hairless Dog Miniature 4.12.2023
Swedish Vallhund