Messukeskus Helsinki 16–17 Dec 2023

Finland's biggest dog event

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Kallio Tarja

Welcome to Finland's biggest dog event!


Kallio Tarja


I’m Tarja Kallio and home from Pyhätunturi, Lapland. I became a dog show judge in 2018. At the moment, I’m qualified to judge all breeds from group 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. My own breeds are the grey Norwegian Elkhound, Swedish Elkhound, Swedish White Elkhound, and Small Munsterländer. I breed with my husband under prefix Tunturijärven.

As one can conclude from my breeds, I hunt bear and elk with my elkhounds and fowl with my pointing dog. Here in the North, we have lots of space for our hobby and the game population is still on a good level. We also have one “useless” at home, a Tibetan Terrier, who doesn't hunt for anything but treats, but is an excellent companion dog.

I’m active in the Norwegian and Swedish Elkhound club of Finland and the Finnish German Pointer club where I educate judges and also do conformation assessments. Both clubs gave me their silver badge of honour this year. I’m also in local hunting societies and serve both as judge and trial steward at elkhound trials. You might also see me at shows serving as a ring steward.

Judges following breeds

Helsinki Winner 2023 - LA 16.12.

Finnish Lapponian Dog
* Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), white 4.12.2023

Voittaja 2023 - SU 17.12.

Finnish Spitz
Karelian Bear Dog
Norwegian Elkhound, black
Norwegian Elkhound, grey
Swedish Elkhound