Messukeskus Helsinki 2–4 Dec 2022

Finland's biggest dog event

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Korpela Reino

Reino Korpela

I am a Finnish Spitz enthusiast and Finnish Spitz judge living in Lapua, Southern Ostrobothnia. I have had Finnish Spitz since the late 1980s, before that I had Finnish Hounds about 15 years. My dogs and I have competed in dog shows and bird barking trials and I have also bred Finnish Spitz in a small scale. To support my breeding, I got my kennel name Jyrkkäkallio in 2013. I have competed about 30 years in bird barking trials with my dogs and officiated as a judge and a chief judge for the trial form in question. I spend autumns with my dogs hunting fowl. On our hunting trips, we often travel to different parts of Finland, but mainly in Lapland. I like to fish during the summer as well as spin fishing. I was qualified to be a dog show judge in 2005 through my own breed, the Finnish Spitz. Nowadays I am authorised to judge all breeds in FCI groups 4, 5 and 7 and almost all breeds in gtoups 6 and 8. Besides Finland, I have also judged in couple of times abroad. I am waiting with eager the Winner-weekend in Helsinki and the demanding task of judging diffrent breeds at the show.

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