Messukeskus Helsinki 2–4 Dec 2022

Finland's biggest dog event

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Salohalla Hilkka

Hilkka Salohalla

I come from among Schnauzer and Pinscher breeds. I became a dog show judge in the mid 90's. I have bred salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzers since 1983 under the kennel name Brinata. I have also bred a couple of litters black Schnauzers. In the beginning of the 21st Century, I began expanding my judging authorisation to more breeds. While doing so, I noticed that I became more and more interested in new breeds. I found that learning other breeds was helpful when it came to "my own" breeds. In 2020 I was nominated as an all breed judge. I have also spent a lot of time as a member of different breeding committees and boards. I have been active in clubs even outside the dog world, in positions such as a trustee, industrial safety delegate and the Chair of a trade union. I do not breed anymore but do breed inspections and judge and by this way I am giving my input to the dog hobby. I have some artistic skills as well and have put together some dog-related art. In the picture you can see one of my latest creations, a Schnauzer made of twigs. In the summer I like to go fishing. I only fish with a hook and line, thus giving both parties an equal chance to cheat on one another.

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