Messukeskus Helsinki 2–4 Dec 2022

Finland's biggest dog event

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Luoso Matti

Welcome to Finland's biggest dog event!


Luoso Matti

Matti Luoso

I was born in Helsinki in 1953.   I got my first dog in the late 1960s, it was a Dalmatian.  With this dog, I became interested in dogs, and the interest has been going on for a long time now. My first Dalmatian litter was born in 1972 and the last one in 1994.  During that time I bred several champions and show winners. My work as a breeder has been awarded with the Finnish Kennel Club's Lauri Vuolasvirta breeder's plaque, the Finnish Dog Breeders' Club's breeder's plaque, and, of course, the Finnish Dalmatian Club's breeders plaque. I was interested of showing dogs already from the beginning and over the years, I showed multiple dogs of different breeds, all the way up to BIS victories.  To name a few examples, I've shown a Karelian Bear Dog who became the top show dog of the year, and an Irish Terrier male who won the very same title two years in a row. I also showed many different terrier breeds as well as one of my favourite breed, Great Dane. From the beginning I was also interested in club activities and I have been the chairperson of the Finnish Dalmatian club, the Great Dane club and the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier club. I have also been the vice chairperson, treasurer and member of the board of Finnish Terrier club 40 years.  I have been awarded with the golden badge of honour by the Finnish Kennel Club as well as the Terrier, Great Dane, Norwich and Norfolk terrier and the Dalmatian clubs of Finland. I became a dog show judge in 1990 and I have had the pleasure of judging at many fine dog shows including World Dog Shows and many breed specialties. I am authorised to judge all breeds from groups 2, 3, 8 and 10 and some breeds from groups 1, 5, 6 and 9.

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