Messukeskus Helsinki 18–19 Dec 2021

Finland's biggest dog event

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Karlsen Trond Are

Trond Are Karlsen

My family had a Bernese Mountain dog when i was growing up. 

When i was 12 years old i bought my first own dog a Boxer. When i was 17 year old i bought a Dobermann, a breed i still have. 

About 15 years ago, Afghan hound came into our lives. I breed Dobermann and Afghan hound. We also have a German shepherd in our family. 

I have been a judge since 2014. I also like hiking in the mountains, fishing, driving motorcycle and above average intressted in Formula 1.

Judges following breeds

Helsinki Winner 2021

Dogue de Bordeaux
Norwegian Elkhound, black
Norwegian Elkhound, grey
Norwegian Lundehund

Voittaja 2021

German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog, long and harsh outer coat
Saint Bernard Dog, Long-haired
Saint Bernard Dog, Short-haired