Judges A-F

Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Tanya's interest in dogs began already in her childhood – her aunt bred Pomeranians. In Tanya's childhood home lived for example a Miniature Pinscher and a salt and pepper Schnauzer from kennel Mihan.  The Pomeranian became however Tanya's breed. She breeds them under the kennel name Stranger's. She has also bred Pekingese and one litter Norwich Terriers. When Tanya got married to Harto, kennel name Sassatowns, along with him moved also Australian Terriers, Scottish Deerhounds, Shar Peis and Poodles. Tanya became a dog show judge in 1991 and in 2013 she was authorised to judge all breeds. She has also served in several positions of trust, such as show instructor and a member of the working committee in her kennel district, as well as the editor of the breed club magazines for Australian Terriers and Pekingese.

Hans Almgren

My name is Hans Almgren and I'm born in Northern Sweden. I was born into a family where hunting and fishing were important activities, therefore we had Norwegian Elkhounds and Hamilton Hounds. Everyone was proud of their hunting dogs and showed them at specialty shows arranged by breed clubs. Hunting qualities and exterior went hand in hand.

I was interested in dog shows, but because of circumstances, my partner and I thought that a smaller breed would fit our lives better. The choice fell on the Shih Tzu and we decided to head towards England. Our first import turned out to be a success both in show rings and in breeding and laid a ground for successful breeding. Cooperation with another big kennel lead to co-ownership of a dog that still is the most winning toy dog ever in Sweden, Anibes X-tra Special Oliver. I’ve bred Shih Tzus since 1979 until five years ago.

In addition to Shih Tzus, I’ve had Rottweilers and Briards.

I became a dog show judge in 1995. Today, I’m an allrounder and judge regularly different breeds around the world.
I’m looking forward to coming to Helsinki and meeting nice and interesting dogs and people.

Constantinos Andreou

Dr. Constantinos was born in Limassol, Cyprus. Dog lover since his childhood, entered in to the world of purebred dogs when he bought his first Boxer. His love towards cynology led him to follow a career in Veterinary Medicine. During his student years he purchased a Boston terrier and has been breeding them ever since under the affix “ONIRAMA”.  Dr Constantinos has continued his professional education with courses in Canine orthopedics and soft tissue surgery. He is an active member of the Cyprus Kennel Club and a member of the Health and Breeding committee as well as the Judging Committee and the Vice president of Small Breed Club of Cyprus. Dr. Constantinos has judged in numerous countries as well as presented educational seminars to clubs about structure and health issues in dogs.

Hans van den Berg
the Netherlands

When I was born, Popof a Scottish Terrier, stood guard at my cradle and even now I enjoy my 2 Scotties every second. Under the Rymore prefix I bred may champions and cc winners in Scotties, Norfolk Terriers and Chihuahuas. Judging started in 1978 and the first breed I gave tickets to was the Scottish Terrier. At the moment I am judging almost every weekend. I judged in almost every European country and numerous European Winner shows and World Winner shows. Judged in Asia, New Zealand, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia| and many South American countries. Judging Crufts was a great expierence and I have judged Best In Show and group competitions in UK many times.

Karin Bergbom


I've had dogs since the 1970s. Besides Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, I've also had a West Highland White Terrier and a Standard Poodle. Since 1983, I've bred some 200 Wheaten Terriers under kennel name Wheatstone. About a third of them have achieved a Champion title. My kennel has been awarded with the Finnish Kennel Club's Vuolasvirta plaque for merited breeding as well as the breeder's plaque of Finnish Terrier club. I started my judging career in early 2000. Today, I am authorised to judge all terrier breeds, Dachshunds and some breeds from groups 1 and 9. I have judged in many European countries, Australia and the USA.

Birgit Bischoff

Birgit Bischoff got her first dog on January 1st 1990, making that day to her still one of the most beautiful days in her life. A day that also changed the course of her life not only her private life in which she spents vast amounts of time with her beloved world of dogs but also made her choose veterinary medicine as her profession. Mrs. Bischoff is a member of the German Pinscher and Schnauzer Club since 1990. Furthermore she is a voting member in several boards (local group 2003-2008, country group 2003-current, main board of PSK 2008-current). She also is one of the founding members of the FCI Youth and is a member of the VDH-Youth group since 2015. Her cynological career started in 2001 when she judged Juniorhandling competitions on a national and an international level as well as country finals. Having started with dogshows as a child, it is a matter close to her heart to give teenagers support and especially help them with their first steps in the world of dogs . So she gave show-handling lessons for all breeds, for juniors and grown ups as well. In 2010 Mrs. Bischoff became VDH Expert Judge for Miniature Schnauzer, Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer, Affenpinscher, Miniature Pinscher and German Pinscher. In 2015 she got the license to judge Poodles. She became a judge for FCI Group II im May 2018. So far, Mrs Bischoff judged in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estland, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United States of America and Russia.

Zorica Blomqvist

My name is Zorica Blomqvist (ex Salijevic), and I was born 7th of August 1962 in Belgrade, Serbia. My first dog – German Sheppard I get 1985 when I was living in Skopje , Macedonia. Since then I was always involved in Dog Shows, obedience training, agility and breading. My Kennel “Od Salijevica” was one of the best not only in Macedonia, although in  "old” Yugoslavia. I become an International Dog Show judge 1987 for FCI Groups: 1,2,5,8,9, 10 and Airedale Terrier. Since that time I am judging all over world. I wrote a numerous texts about dogs, especially Yugoslav Sheppard Sarplaninac for many Dog and Animal magazines all over the world. 2005 I left Belgrade, Serbia and move to Stockholm. After I finished my School for Swedish language, I sent the application to the Svenska Kennel Klubben (Swedish Kennel Club) and they accepted me on 20th April 2009 as the Swedish International Dog Show judge.  I am a writer and journalist and I wrote four books for kids and one poetry book. Many of my poems was awarded in Serbia and in abroad. 2009 I was awarded by the Serbian Government, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Diaspora with a "Golden Medal"  for my work on cultural field and promotion of the Serbian culture all over the world.  2010  I started my own magazine ZORA GRYNING MAGASINE  (www.zora-gryning.eu) the first magazine for woman on Serbian and Swedish language. The main part of this informative and cultural magazine was dedicated to animals, pets and nature. ZORA MAGASINE is not excising any more but this Magazine  achieved his goal and give a big help to all woman who decided to leave their own country and start all over again in abroad. Magazine finished his mission on 2014.  The same year I decided to start to do something  else in my life. That's why I started ARTE SCAN NGO. This NGO have for a main aim: presentation of the Serbian, Swedish and other cultures in Scandinavia,  translating and publishing of the books, organization of the cultural events and humanitarian activities. I do not have too much time to have my own dogs now, because I working with my NGO, I am writing books, travelling and judging a lot. Now I am working on my next  book, as well as preparing a new projects organized by ARTE SCAN NGO and, together with my husband Karl Stefan Blomqvist we are proud owners of Jaen Tinto da Casa Amarela - Jocke , Dachshund - wired standard mail who bring me back as a handler in to the ring after almost 30 years.  

Hans Boelaars
the Netherlands

My kennel name is v.h. LAMSLAG. Lamslag doesn't mean anything in itself. It is the very old Dutch name of our late-18th Century house.  First dog in 1965, when I was 15 years old; she was a B/T Standard Dachshund -Long-hair. My second dog was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 1968. Still enjoy having a few Dachshunds and Chihuahua’s. I also bred Afghans and won my first BIS at a small show with my home-bred Afghan in the mid-'70s. Many years in a row, we won #1 Cavalier in the USA, with different dogs. In 2009, Vinchy v.h. Lamslag won BIS at the famous Amsterdam Winner Show. The first World Champion was our smooth-hair Dachshund, Huibje v.h. Lamslag (1973). My Afghan, Khozar v.h. Lamslag, still lives in my heart and memory. Among the Cavaliers, it is more difficult, since there have been so many. Constantijn & Donavan v.h.Lamslag were my first really famous ones, but I should also mention my first top winning Cavalier in the USA: Corneel v.h. Lamslag, owned by Janet York. The first breed I was qualified to judge was Cavaliers. The authorisation was issued by the Dutch Kennel Club in 1974. Dachshunds followed a couple of years later. Meanwhile: Int. FCI-judge: All breeds in group 4, 6, 8 & 9. A few other breeds spread over different groups. Judged in almost all the European countries and the USA. Sometimes it seems that the dog world is becoming more and more competitive, but we must not forget that we all started as a result of our passion for dogs. We should try to relax and love our dogs for no reason other than that they are OUR DOGS!! The dogworld should not be about power, or winning. There is also a world outside of dogworld. Last but no least: married to my wife Gerda since 1974.


Paulo Coelho

I started breeding and showing dogs in 2000 with my partner Clive Thoms and our first breed was Parson Russell terrier. We still have a 13 years old girl. In 2006 we got our first Whippet and we quickly fell in love with the breed. Since then, I studied the breed as much as I could, asking questions, reading books, visiting breeders and attending to shows around Europe to see dogs and learn as much as possible. Our first Whippet litter was born in 2009. Whippets are my passion, but my interest in Sighthounds has been growing in the last years and it’s an honour to get the opportunity to judge the breeds, so I can keep learning. Whippet is the first breed I was authorized to judge in 2014. I’m a member of the Sintra Dog Shows committee, of the Terrier Club Committee and part of the social organs of the Portuguese Kennel Club since 2014. Professionally, I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, so people and dogs are my life!

Päivi Eerola

Tapio Eerola

Tapio has been the editor of the Finnish Kennel Club's magazine Koiramme for a long time. He breeds Hovawarts, Cairn Terriers and Karelian Bear Dogs together with Kaija Eerola and Tiia Okkonen under the kennel name Hovarian. The Eerolas have received the Finnish Kennel Club's Vuolasvirta prize for merited breeding of Hovawarts. Tapio is a mental test judge and has been in charge of the Breeding Committee of the Finnish Hovawart club since the 80s. He has also been the Chair of the Exterior Committee of the Spitz club in Finland. Tapio has written a book about dog breeds in Finland as well as a book about Finnish dog breeds. He became a judge in 1993 and is today an all-breed judge.

Anette Edlander

Born 1961 in Gothenburg Sweden. Authorized FCI judge since 1995. I judge breeds from gr 1, 2, 3 all in 4 and some in 5, 6, 9 and all in 10. Raised up with dogs. My aunt was a famous breeder of Welsh Terrier and of course one of the breeds at my home when I was a child. We also had New Foundland, Dachunds smooth standard was my first own dog I had him when I was 7 years old. When I was 16 year old I finally got my dreamdog an Irish Wolfhound and I have had this breed now for more than 40 years. My kennelname Pre-Eminence´s I got 1985 and started also with breeding miniature wire hair Dachshund.I also brought in a new breed in Sweden and the first litter ever born in Sweden 2007, Podengo Portuguese Cerdoso Medio. I have also had German Shephard,  Riesenschnauzer, Jack Russel Terrier, Irish Terrier and one Greyhound but no breeding of this breeds, only companion and some for showing. I have also been chairman in the Irish Wolfhund Club of Sweden, and vice chairman in Swedish Sighthoundclub west .

Björn Einarsve

My name is Björn Einarsve,originally coming from Norway although I have been living in Sweden almost all my adult life. I bought my first great dane in 1981 and started breeding great danes three years later in 1984, when the very first litter saw daylight in the kennel Diplomatic’s. Still after 35years of breeding, I am active in showing dogs with over 100 international and national club champions, 6 world winners and several BISS winners. Kennel Diplomatic’s has exported danes to all continents in the world and many of them have also achieved “Dane of the Year” titles in their countries. There are several leading kennels today around the world that are breeding great danes on kennel Diplomatic’s legacy. Later there has come along other breeds as pug, American akita and French bulldog besides great danes. I became a dog show judge in 2002 and has ever since judged club championship and great dane specialty shows in all Nordic countries, England and Ireland. Fall 2018, I am invited to the Eu.DCC (the federation of European Great Dane Clubs) great dane specialty show in Switzerland. I am also qualified to judge breeds in FCI Groups 1,2,6,8 and 9. I feel much honored to receive the invitation to judge at Helsinki and Finish Winner dog shows and I look forward to seeing your dogs in December.

Tiina Eskelinen

I’m a 50-year-old Sales Manager from Kalajoki, Northern Ostrobothnia. My own breed is the Wire-haired German Pointer, which I breed together with my spouse under the kennel name Ferhill's. I’ve been breeding dogs for 30 years now. Along with our German Pointers our hobbies include first and foremost hunting and clay pigeon shooting. We spend our autumns in the forest, fells, and fields and waterfowl hunting. We also organize hunting trials for continental pointing dogs in the fields and in the forest. We compete with our dogs in trials for continental pointing dogs and help the owners of Ferhill's dogs train their dogs for hunting and trials.

I became a dog show judge in 2014 and am authorized to judge all breeds in groups 4 and 7 as well as about half the breeds in group 6. I’m also looking to expand my judging license to group 5 in the future. Hunting dogs are close to my heart. I’ve judged at the specialty show of our own club three times already and now I have the honour of judging my own breeds at the Winner show. The weekend is going to be a great event, a lot of amazing dogs!

Rune Fagerström

I have owned and/or bred the following breeds: Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, English Pointer, Italian Spinone, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Norfolk Terrier and Pug. There has always been dogs in my life and the first litter was born in 1991 under the prefix O'Morion. I was qualified to judge in 1993 and nowadays I am an all breed judge. Besides Finland I have judged in most of the European countries and in U.S.A and Japan.

Leni Finne

I got excited over dogs already as a little girl. I got my first dog, a Boston Terrier, when I was 14 years old. The excitement grew, and I ended up taking the ring steward course a few years later. The next step was the judge’s course. I was authorized for my first breeds, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Great Dane, in 1985. Two years ago, all my hard work paid off and I became an allrounder. I haven’t showed my own dogs that much – I’m more of a working and obedience enthusiast myself. I’ve been a small-scale breeder of Boston Terriers for almost 40 years. Now I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a Boston Terrier and a Finnish Hound at home. I live in the archipelago, where fishing and mushrooming are my favourite hobbies. I also like to do crafts.

Craig Fynmore

I have been around dogs my entire life. My family owned Welsh Corgi Pembrokes, mini standard & smooth Dachshunds. I have done considerable hunting with dogs in my younger years. Along with my wife, Julie we ventured into purebred dogs, owning and breeding German Shepherds in the 1980s. In 1993 we decided on a different breed, the Belgian Shepherd Dog, which became our absolute passion. We owned the first female Belgian Shepherd Grand Champion in Australia, whose lineage then went on to produce, 6 homebred "Beljekali" Supreme Champions in both Groenendael & Tervueren. We have bred 7 Supreme Champions and campaigned 2 of our imports to this title. We are the only Belgian Shepherd Breeders to have bred a Supreme Champion! Our "Beljekali" Belgian Shepherds are noted for winning numerous All Breeds Best in Shows, Breed Specialty Shows and recently placing first in the NSW Puppy of the Year 2013. In August 2014 we took one of our Australian Bred Groenendaels to the French speciality with over 560 entered.  She was awarded RCAC from the Open Class. Not only have we produced conformation Champions, we've proudly bred Agility, Obedience, Herding and Dancing With Dogs, multi titled and talented Belgians. Three of our Belgians have also appeared in TV Series and commercials.  We also show a Shiba Inu and have recently imported a Mini Wire Dachshund from Europe and will start his show career shortly.I regularly judge throughout Australia, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have had the privilege to judge Belgian Shepherd Breed Specialty Shows in France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and the UK, along with All Breeds judging assignments in Ireland, Sweden, France & New Zealand. I have a commitment to continue to steward from time to time and assist with assessing in the current NSW Judges Training Scheme. I am an active member of the NSW Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW and hold current memberships with numerous Australian and overseas Dog Clubs. I look forward to my judging in Finland and the breeds I have been assigned.

Julie Fynmore

I was born with an unconditional and overwhelming love for dogs - all kinds, shapes, sizes and ages.  I grew up with the family Labrador.  Along with my husband Craig, we ventured into purebred dogs in the 1980s with German Shepherds and in 1990’s with our Belgian Shepherds.  Along with our Belgian Shepherds we currently own and show a Dachshund mini-wire and a Shiba Inu. In 1993 we acquired our first Belgian Shepherd Dog and there began our passion with breeding, showing and judging dogs.  We have taken two of our Belgian Shepherds from Australia to compete at the prestigious French National with over 500 exhibits with top results. We have bred and owned nine Australian Supreme Champions.  Since the Year 2001, I have dedicated most of my spare time studying and obtaining all my Group Judging licences and in 2015 became an, ANKC All Breeds Judge. As an International All Breeds FCI, ANKC Judge, I regularly enjoy judging throughout Australia & New Zealand and have had the privilege and pleasure to judge in Ireland, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Germany, China, Japan, & Thailand.  My Belgian Shepherd Breed Specialty judging assignments have taken me to France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom.  I have a commitment to continue to steward and assist in the ANKC NSW Judges Training Scheme. I am the Secretary of the NSW Belgian Shepherd Dog Club and hold current memberships with numerous Australian and overseas Dog Clubs. Along with my husband Craig, our hobbies apart from dogs, is travelling, fishing, spending time with our family, and appreciating fine wine and food. We are very happy to be visiting Finland in December and look forward to judging some wonderful dogs.