Judge introductions 2019 have been published

Two official dog shows are held in connection with Dog Fair Finland: Helsinki Winner 2019 on Saturday 7th December, and Voittaja Winner 2019 on Sunday 8th December.

Helsinki Winner 2019 is a Nordic Dog Show where dogs compete of both Nordic Show Certificates and national Certificates. Voittaja Winner 2019 is the traditional Finnish Winner show, where dogs compete of international CACIBs and national Certificates. In addition to the Winner shows, two unofficial puppy shows as well as Junior Handling competitions for young handlers are also held over the weekend.

100 judges in total, from 23 different countries, officiate at the Winner and Puppy shows. We also have two Junior Handling judges. 

48 judges are from Finland and 16 judges from other Nordic countries.

Some judges are travelling to Finland from as far away as Argentina and the Philippines.

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