Entry, Helsinki Winner 2019

Enter your dog to Helsinki Winner 2019 now! Helsinki Winner 2019 is a Nordic Dog Show where Finnish CAC's and Nordic Show Certificates are awarded. The quickest and easiest way to enter your dog is online.

Entry and entry fees


By 10.10


1–11.11 online entries only

1st dog*

60 €

70 €

80 €

2nd etc. dog (same owner)

55 €

65 €

80 €

Finnish breeds *

40 €

50 €

80 €

Junior handling 10 € 10 € 10 €

Pass for unentered dog

10 €

10 €

10 €

* A service fee is charged when entering online.

* When entering by mail, an extra fee of 5 € is charged for the first dog.

* Finnish breeds: Karelian Bear Dog, Lapponian Herder, Finnish Hound, Finnish Lapphund, and Finnish Spitz

* Pass for dogs that are entered only to one show but need a pass to enter the showgrounds on another day as well. Passes are sold during the event at the Northern entrance of Messukeskus.

NB! The dog must be vaccinated in accordance with the Finnish Kennel Club's vaccination instructions.

Dogs that are not entered to the show are not allowed in the venue.

Online entry

Enter your dog online to Helsinki Winner 2019 here

NB! When you enter your dog via the online entry, you pay the entry fee with credit card (for Finnish residents, internet bank payment is also available). Please, DO NOT pay the entry fee in advance to the show's bank account. In order to get the reduced entry fee for the same owner’s 2nd etc. dog, you must enter all dogs at the same time.

Please read the instructions before you start entering your dogs!

Entries by post

Fill the Finnish Kennel Club's entry form and send it to the address:

Winner Shows 2019
PL 50
02771 Espoo

Only dogs for which entry fees are paid and entry forms are posted at the latest on 31st October 2019 (post stamp), or for which the entry fees are paid and the dogs are entered online at the latest on 11th November 2019 can participate in the show.

Overdue entries are returned, and bank charges will be charged when returning paid entry fees.

In order to get the reduced entry fee for the same owner's 2nd etc. dog, the entry forms and the receipt of payment must absolutely be sent in the same envelope. The discount is calculated on the full rate entry only, not on the entry fee for Finnish breeds.


Payments from abroad to be made to the Finnish Kennel Club account at Nordea Bank, Helsinki, Finland, NDEAFIHH, IBAN FI04 1243 3000 081520.

Remember to enclose a copy of the receipt of the payment with the entry form. Entry forms without a copy of the receipt will not be accepted.

Other instructions

To enter a dog to Champion Class, a Championship Certificate must be enclosed. To enter a dog to Working Class, a Working Class Certificate (WCC) must be enclosed.

By signing the entry form the exhibitor guarantees to obey the valid Show Regulations and Vaccination Instructions of the Finnish Kennel Club. See rules and vaccination instructions here.

Questions concerning dog show entries

Showlink Oy, on weekdays 11–17
tel. +3589 8873 0320
e-mail: info@showlink.fi