Classes, Helsinki Puppy Show 2017

Puppy class 5 to under 7 months
Puppy class 7 to under 9 months

Best of Breed

The Best of Breed is chosen from the best male and the best female. The Best of Breed puppy participates in the group finals.

Breeders class

A group of four puppies of the same breed compete in the Breeders class. The puppies must be bred by the same breeder or registered under the same FCI approved kennel affix.

A breeder may only take part with one group per breed.

If the judge considers the group to be of consistently high quality, it can be awarded an Honour Prize. The judge ranks four (4) breeders groups according to order of merit. The best breeders group of the breed awarded with an Honour Prize goes on to compete in the finals.

Group finals

The Best of Breed puppies are participating in the group finals in accordance with their respective FCI groups. The judge ranks the four (4) best dogs in order of merit.

Best in Show

All group winners participate in the Best in Show competition. The four best dogs are placed.

Best in Show Breeders class

All Best of Breed Breeders groups awarded with an Honour Prize participate in the Best in Show Breeders class. The four best groups are placed.


All dogs are given a written critique.