Change of judges at the dog shows

Unfortunately Hans-Erhard Grüttner, Jed Chua and Jan Törnblom are unable to attend our shows. Their breeds will be judged by other judges: Saturday 7.12 Kleinspitz and Pomeranian will be judged by Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark, all Wire-haired Dachshunds by Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia, Russian Toys and Shiba by Markku Kipinä, Finland and Lhasa Apso by Birgit Seloy, Denmark. Sunday 8.12 Manchester Terrier, Rat Terrier and Havanese will be judged by Markku Kipinä, Finland, Beagle and Rhodesian Ridgeback by Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia and Frenc Bulldog by Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark.In group finals on Sunday group 4 will be judged by Calin Simu, Romania.